One workout is better than no workout There is no excuse for not doing fitness training!

Many might feel demotivated because they do not have the time to do many workouts with a busy schedule. Read some advice from a professional and be inspired to get active at least once a week.

Recently an acquaintance told me that he would like to start fitness training, but he simply does not have the time. He stated, visibly ashamed, that he could only train once a week.

And he concluded with resignation that only one training per week wouldn't achieve the kind of results he was looking for. One would have to get active at least two to three times a week to get results, everyone knows that.

My friend, of course, is not wrong. I would also recommend that you train two to three times a week – or even more frequently. Two intensive strength units and two endurance units in the interval range would, in my view, be a desirable optimum.

But be honest: do you train three or even four times a week? Or are you similar to my friend and manage to train at the most once a week?

Then I have here some good news for you. Only one training session per week can make a big difference. The biggest training effect actually takes place between no training at all and a single weekly training.

This is because the untrained body responds to a training unit much more quickly than the trained body. Conversely, this also leads to the fact that the increase in output, for example, from four weekly units to five is very small.

Therefore, I do not accept the excuse that there is no time for fitness training. You will find time for at least one weekly training session.

It is worth it... Because at least one training per week is so much better than none!

Author: Jonas Caflisch

Jonas Caflisch, Owner of INDIGO Fitness Clubs

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