Relocating with your pet to another country A story of a journey and a happy reunion

The contract for the new job is signed. A new challenge is awaiting you in another country. The move itself shouldn't be too complicated, but what happens with your furry family member?

Leaving your beloved pet behind is definitely NOT an option. But an animal can't be squeezed in next to your daughters Barbie doll or sitting on your lap during the flight, especially when you own a 60kg Great Dane. So, this is where the questions and worries start. What are the legal aspects of relocating your pet? Vaccination, blood tests, documents, transport (do they have special flights for animals), who is looking after your pet, is it safe etc.

As a pet owner you love your animal to the moon and back but are no expert in all the questions above. Animal welfare should always be your top goal so when relocating with your pet contacting an expert is always the best solution. Someone who can answer all your questions, understands your concerns, supports you in getting all documents needed, who's priority is the well-being of your pet, is paying the needed attention to detail during the for animals often long and demanding journey and will reunite you and your faithful companion at destination.

The first approach is a telephone call. A lot of questions can be easily answered and your concerns can be limited to a minimum. We explain what is needed for a safe transport. We differentiate between veterinary needs (ISO Microchip, vaccination, rabies blood test, import permit) and the custom purposes (docked tail, relocation to/from Switzerland, purchase).

The best service for your needs is commonly defined. Once all the paper work is done we arrange the relocation of your beloved pet door-to-door. What size of travel crate does it need, flight bookings, customs clearance, veterinary check etc. After arrival your pet is welcomed and taken for a first walk. Only a pet owner understands the eagerness to see one's companion again after being apart for so long. The moment your eyes meet, the joy in your heart when your dog runs towards you and you are finally reunited. A silent tear running down your cheek and we are sure about that, your furry partner's cheek as well.

This feeling cannot be better explained then by an owner himself:

„Hello Pascal - thanks so much! Bosco's doing fine - understandably tired from the journey and adjusting to his new surroundings. But most importantly no ill effects from the journey. I must say it is such a relief to have him here without incident. It was so good to hear from you that he had arrived OK and then to see you walking him when we drove up the street! We have been most impressed with every aspect of your service - from the initial contact when you demonstrated full understanding of our concerns, to your attention to detail and responsiveness throughout the process. One very important aspect is, of course, the partner you have in the country of origin. We were very happy with your US partner. I think it would be helpful to put people in contact with the partner earlier in the process in case they have specific questions for them or just want to reassure themselves about their credentials/capability. We would have no hesitation recommending your services and would be happy to provide references. You provide a very valuable service! Many thanks. Gordon"

Relocation is a big change in your and your animal's life. To start the adventure in a smooth way it is worth engaging an expert to support you in the best possible way.


About ACE Pet Moving

ACE Pet Moving GmbH is a growing business with a motivated and dedicated team. Our headquarters is at the International Zurich-Airport and a branch office at Geneva-Airport. Our staff has extensive experience with preparing, organizing and finalizing international animal transport by ground and air. Our team has been created according to the international standards of IATA (International Air Transport Association) and we keep ourselves constantly informed and updated about the latest changes in laws and conditions. We look forward answering your questions about moving your animal to any destination. We work according to the international rules for the transportation of live animals (IATA LAR – Live Animal Regulation) and we have the support of a worldwide network of animal transport specialized businesses.

We can offer you a wide range of services including all the information about documentation required for the transport of your animal.

Author: Marianne Imhof

Marianne Imhof is the co-founder of ACE Pet Moving. She has successfully completed the federal graduation as specialist in the freight forwarding industry and additional trainings for transporting live animals by air. She lived and worked in Brisbane, Australia and started ACE Pet Moving in 2009 with Marcel Brozius.

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