Single? How to start enjoying Christmas Stop dreading and start enjoying Xmas

Whereas most people look forward to and love Christmas and the holidays, I know for a fact that many singles dread Christmas. Here are 6 tips to start enjoying Christmas.

The weather keeps getting colder and the nights are getting longer. Shops and streets are decorated. Everyone seems to be preparing for that special time of year again:
Christmas is coming!

Whereas most people look forward to and love Christmas and the holidays, I know for a fact that many singles dread Christmas.

Perhaps you had hoped that this year you would spend it with someone special? Perhaps you have not made any plans yet and just feel like hibernating till the holidays are over? Perhaps you have recently broken up or separated?

Whatever your situation may be, if you are currently single and dreading Christmas these tips are for you!

1. Decide you are going to enjoy Christmas
The first step to stop dreading Christmas is to make the decision that this year you are going to enjoy Christmas!

A positive mindset goes a long way to making this holiday season enjoyable. Choose to enjoy Christmas and do everything in your power to make that happen.

2. ‘Tis the season to be good to yourself
Be kind, loving, and good to yourself this Christmas (and always! Dress up, light the candles, open that nice bottle of wine, buy yourself that special gift, wrap it and put it under the tree. Go ahead and treat yourself! Feel good about yourself and give yourself some compliments. That's right – you deserve it!

3. Just because you are single does not mean you have to be alone

Just because you do not currently have a partner in your life, this does not mean you have to be alone. Spend the holidays with the people you care about; family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc. If you have not been invited by anyone yet, organize your own get together. Another way to enjoy Christmas is by giving back and volunteering to help others enjoy their Christmas.

4. Look and plan ahead
Don't wait until the last minute to make plans for Christmas. Plan some fun activities or outings or get-togethers. Get tickets for a show or a concert, accept an invitation for a party, or organize your own party. Plan a day of skiing, a city break away, or treat yourself to a nice vacation.

If you can't get away this Christmas or holiday season, get some catalogues and plan your vacation for later in 2017. (And yes, I mean catalogues, not just browsing online – it can make it much more enjoyable!) Having things to look forward to adds to the excitement of Christmas!

5. Make a list and check it twice (or more)

To help you enjoy Christmas, make a long list of all the things you are grateful for in your life. Keep the list somewhere visible during the Christmas period, such as on your fridge door or tape it to your bathroom mirror. Make another long list of all the things you accomplished this year both professionally and personally.

Review it, celebrate it, compliment yourself and feel good about yourself! You've done and achieved a lot.

Now make a list of your goals for the New Year. What fun things would you like to do? Where would you like to travel to? What do you want to learn? Where do you want to go professionally? What are you hoping for when it comes to dating and relationships?

6. New Year new chances

Feeling good about where you are and clear about where you want to go is an excellent way to enjoy the here-and-now and this Christmas and the holiday season.
PLUS it is the first step and is key to reaching your goals in the New Year.

I hope these tips will help you enjoy Christmas and that 2017 will be your best year yet!

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Author: Trea Tijmens - Success Match

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