Skype piano lessions with Lucy Timkova

Whether you are new to music studies or continuing, I want you to enjoy and prosper in your music education and prepare for success.

Students can now take lessons from teachers on other coasts or continents. It is great for parents, which can simply send their child down the hall for lessons rather than driving them. Music tuition does not necessarily need to be aimed towards a formal qualification- playing can be just for the sheer pleasure of it. Goals can instead include being able to play at a particular level without making mistakes or even just to master a specific song that you have always wanted to be able to play.

To receive classes or a course, it is necessary to prepare a program where can be improved, piano, microphone, camera, downloaded accompaniment for student, and interactive program where teacher and student can talk.

Lession length
45 minutes

8 ++ years old

Price per lession
20 Euro


Author: Lucy Timkova

I studied piano playing from 1997 to 2003 at the Conservatorium. Since then I have been giving private piano lessons to adults and to children from the British and International Schools. I have been a self-employed piano teacher since August 2010.

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