Staatskellerei Zurich Tasting success at Zurich's Staatskellerei (State Cellars)

Issue: 3 / 2014
Christoph Schwegler is the new face of Zurich's wine producers. He arrived at Rheinau's monastic, Mövenpick-owned Staatskellerei six years ago and has turned its fortunes around.

"It's really incredible just how popular Swiss wine has become all over the country in the last decade" he says. "At the Staatskellerei we are now making wines to compete for a younger, trendier clientele." Yet he believes the biggest hurdle is changing perceptions of Swiss wine. "Many people, especially from outside of Switzerland, still have the old impression that it's heavy, vinegary and undrinkable. That's simply not true anymore." In fact wines from the Staatskellerei consistently win national popularity awards, reflecting a broader trend, as Schwegler explains: "Nowadays I think people want to know where their food and their wine come from, and perhaps even to see it being made. Visitors to our cellars can see our real passion shine through".


Fancy tasting some top Swiss wines?
Here are Mövenpick's top sellers:

Staatsschreiber Cuvée Blanc Prestige 2012
Zürich AOC, Staatskellerei Zürich

CHF 14.50

Mövenpick's premium Swiss wine. From it's own winery, the Zurich State Cellars, this light yellow dream offers hints of muscat, Williams pear and peach. Fresh and gentle on the palette, a fantastic sweet-to-acidic balance, this flattering and elegant wine is worthy of the new generation of Swiss wine. An excellent choice and an unbeatable price.

ADANK Pinot Noir 2011
Fläscher Graubünden AOC

CHF 25.00

An absolutely first-class red pinot noir from the Grison region, Adank is enormously elegant and with much finesse, yet becomes ever more intense on the palette. A very expressive wine.

Malanser AOC 2011
Adolf Boner Completer Kellerei

CHF 34.00

Adolf Boner Completer Kellerei. Shining ruby red in colour, this subtly fruity pinot noir from the Grison region is well balanced, medium in body, and offers a most harmonious finalé.


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Author: Jennifer Davies

Jennifer Davies was the Editor in Chief of Hello Switzerland in 2014. Her career started as a news reporter and newsreader at the BBC and she is the only English language journalist ever to have been awarded the top broadcast journalism prize from SRF (Swiss Broadcasting Corporation). Jennifer has lived and and worked for nearly a decade in Zurich, during which she has edited 7 magazines and broadcasted for BBC, SRF and Monocle among others, including international corporate clients.

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