Sugar is evil Avoid sugar and alcohol. Both will stop your fat-burning process.

We eat more and more sugar, also through processed food. Sugar provides fast energy, but in contrast to our ancestors from the Stone Age, we do not need it.

How can something that tastes as delicious as sugar be evil? What is sugar actually? By sugar we mean the omnipresent household or crystal sugar (professional term sucrose) consisting of 50% fruit sugar (fructose) and 50% glucose.

In the case of sugar, most nutritionists are in agreement. Sugar is harmful and nowadays is consumed in far too large quantities. Since industrialization, the consumption of sugar has had a quicker rise than any other food product over the last 150 years. So today we eat about 20 times more sugar than we did 150 years ago, most of us unconsciously through processed food products! But what makes sugar (and alcohol, which is produced by fermenting sugar) so "evil"?

Sugar and alcohol stop the burning of fat, which leads to a drop in blood sugar, which again results in more sugar cravings. This vicious circle is based on genetics. Since sugar, which is an energy source with the fastest effect, used to be very rare. Therefore it was highly desired by our earliest ancestors in the Stone Age. For this reason, our body still releases dopamine (the happiness hormone) today when we consume sugar. You quickly develop a kind of dependency.

Tip: avoid sugar and alcohol as often as you can. Do not consume sweetened drinks of any kind (this also applies to fruit juices, which often contain more sugar than a cola), sugar in coffee and the sweet snacks between meals. Unfortunately, diet versions are also not a great substitute because they contain artificial sweeteners. 




Author: Jonas Caflisch

Jonas Caflisch, Owner of INDIGO Fitness Clubs

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