Summer Time in Schwyz Authentic experiences in sunny Schwyz

Feel the fire of freedom in the region of Schwyz this summer. Whether you wish to quench your thirst, get down with nature or are looking to create some memorable family moments – the central canton of Schwyz is the perfect day-trip or vacation getaway for leisure enthusiasts.

The region of Schwyz lies in the heart of central Switzerland.

The destination is just a stone‘s throw away from the major cities of Zurich, Lucerne and Zug and can be easily reached within 30 to 60 minutes of travel time.

All major mountain outlets and lakesides are mostly accessible by car, train, bus and even ferry.

Traditionally known for its rich cultural and historic foundations, the region of Schwyz offers a diverse range of authentic summer experiences. Nature lovers are spoilt for choice, with a plethora of untouched natural scenery to be discovered. This summer, visit one of Switzerland's most beloved local holiday destinations.

Hölloch tour


Really getting to know the Hölloch cave means going on an expedition and immersing yourself in a world filled with adventure. A journey into the unknown awaits you – quiet, fascinating, adventurous, and far removed from civilisation.

During the summer months, regular public short tours take place and you can participate as an individual or as a small group without difficulty.

Children enjoying an adventure - Hölloch tour - Canton of Schwyz

Vierwaldstättersee Kanu

Brunnen round trip
Discover Switzerland's most spectacular lake landscape by canoe.
Switzerland was born on the shores of Lake Lucerne. Look forward to fjord-like lake basins, crystal-clear water, countless natural beaches and attractive resorts along the lake.
This three section stage circles the route of the "Gersauerbecken" (basin) of Lake Lucerne. The sections can be combined into an attractive, several-day canoe tour. The individual sections are ideal for varied one-day excursions. You can begin your canoe tour on any of the three sections. 
The Gersauerbecken is a fjord-like glacial valley nestling in the Alps of Central Switzerland.
Locations such as the Schillerstein are reminders of the history and fight for freedom by the old confederates. A hint of the charm of the blossoming Grand Hotel era of the 19th century still lives on in the history-steeped holiday resort of Brunnen.
Thanks to its particularly mild climate, the vegetation in romantic Gersau is almost mediterranean. Buochs, on the southern shore of the Vierwaldstättersee lake, is a surprise with a beautiful lakeside promenade, a lido and a picture-perfect alpine panorama. 
Discover Lake Lucerne by canoe and enjoy tranquillity and natural surroundings in the heart of Switzerland.

Canoeing with spectacular views in Canton Schwyz

Rock Avalanche Museum

It's that time of year again when the rock avalanche museum opens its doors to the public. Thanks to the Foundation of Prof. Otto Beisheim, visitors are no longer required to pay an entry fee of CHF 3, making it FOC for all. 
The newly opened "Bergsturzkafi" (mountain avalanche cafe) in Goldau's animal and nature park opens its doors on April 1 and will be open until the end of October 2017.
The Bergsturzkafi aims to remind visitors of how the local rugged landscape was formed, with information on the rock avalanche of 1806 - a tragic natural catastrophe that buried former Goldau inhabitants. The rock avalanche museum is reopen to the public and is free of charge.
A day trip to Goldau, Schwyz, is well worth the trip to the Rock Avalanche Museum 



Bödmeren Forest Reserve


Hidden, right at the very back of Muotatal, lies one of the most ancient surviving Alpine forests - the Bödmerenwald. The forest is around 550 ha in size, with some parts of it still untouched today. You can discover it for yourself, with the the themed trails "Urwaldspur" and the hiking trail "Urwaldweg".
The ancient mountain forest grows on a karst landscape, furrowed by ditches and fractures. The many obvious pillar-like crown shape spruces is an adaptation to the large quantities of snowfall. Here lie the oldest spruces in Europe.
Particularly impressive is the Bödmerenwald during the mountain spring between June - July and the autumn time, when the whistling-grass turns orange and the bilberry leaves are red. There is approximately 156 h of primary forest within the core area of the Bödmeren forest reserve. This is a subalpine spruce forest and cannot be found anywhere else in Switzerland. 
Since 1984, the area has been secluded as a reserve and is under constant observation by experts. The reserve status has allowed experts to conduct a number of scientific investigations, with it's unique animal and plant community validating the reserve's uniqueness.

Hiking Trails

Urwaldspur: approx. 1 hour hiking time, 3.5km long, 170m in height
Urwaldweg: approx. 3 hours hiking time, 10km long, 469m in height

Guided Tours

Explore one of the most beautiful mountain forests in Europe with a local guide from "erlebniswelt muotathal". You will learn more about the origins, history, fauna and flora of this untouched spruce forest. 

Visit the oldest spruce trees in Europe in Schwyz



Lady Bug Trail


A great adventure walk with playgrounds, cubby houses and bbq/picnic facilities for group outings.

The Lady Bug Trail begins at the top of the Illgau cable car station in St. Karl. Right from the very word go, kids will be kept occupied with the various trail challenges and features, including a climbing wall, adventure playgrounds and hidden cubby houses. Don't forget to rest and refuel by using the picnic and grill facilities that are available on site.

Enjoy the beauty of nature, with the littlest members of your family

Chamois in the Zwüschetmythen region


If you take an evening walk from Schwyz to the pass between the two Mythen mountains (1 hour from Schwyz), you're very likely to see several chamois roving freely at close quarters.

From the Zwischenmythen viewing point (1437m), marked with a large metal cross, your gaze wanders over the valley cirque from Schwyz to Brunnen with Lake Lucerne, and across Lake Lauerz to Mount Rigi.

On the Alptal side is the cosy Zwüschet-Mythen Alpine inn. As well as beverages, you can savour local products from the inn's own meadow here. This meadow, nestled idyllically between the Grosser Mythen and the forest, is on the famous Schwyz Panorama Trail from the Sattel-Hochstuckli region to Hoch-Ybrig.

Mountain railways take you from Rickenbach near Schwyz to the Rotenflue and from Alptal (Brunni) to the Holzegg. Accommodation is available in the romantic Holzegg ski hut or in the Holzegg mountain inn.

Admire chamois roaming in their natural environment

Mountain Restaurant Trail & Alpine Cheese Pass


This easy circular hiking trail with two path variations offers twice as much enjoyment -panoramic views and Alpine cheese tastings. Try fine, local made Alpine cheese from Stoos and the Muotatal valley as you hike through the mountains and visit traditional restaurants along the way.

The Bergbeizli-Weg (Alpine Cheese Trail) is a new leisure hike for the region. It does not require an extreme physical nor endurance, since the altitude difference is relatively small. With its two alternative routes, the trail is also suitable for a family outing. Appreciate the region's natural beauty at your own pace on foot as you enjoy the Alpine meadows, forests, as well as the surrounding Muotatal, Glarner and Schwyzer mountains. 

Alpine Cheese Pass Stoos

The cheese pass hike packs in twice as much fun, as you also get to learn about the local Alpine cheese varieties. The Bergbeizli Trail takes you past six mountain inns and Alpine farms. With the cheese pass you can also taste different varieties of cheese at three selected locations. You can choose 3 from 6 alpine inns to taste local cheese with your pass.

Long path variant: 2.5 hours,  9.8 kilometres 

This leads you past the Tröligen Alpine Cheese Farm, where the Pfyl family serve up their self-made products.

Mountain Station Stoosbahnen - Chairlift Valley Station Klingenstock - Alp Rinderschruteren - Bawangli - Alp Tröligen - Alp Bärhalten - Alploch - Chruterenwald - Alp Chruteren - Alp Metzg - Alpestritt - Gatterli - Holibrig-Boden - Hotel Stoos Hüttä - Stoos village.

Short path variant: 1.4 hours, 5.2 kilometres

Mountain Station Stoosbahnen - Chairlift Valley Station Klingenstock - Alp Waldhüttli - Alp Chruteren - Alp Metzg - Alp Obertrend - Gatterli - Holibrig-Boden - Hotel Stoos Hüttä - Stoos village.

Taste delicious cheese while admiring an alpine view in Schwyz

Glacier Trail

Küssnacht am Rigi

Look for traces of the last remains of the ice age on the Seebodenalp. The Glacier trail will help you understand and appreciate this piece of nature.

Along the Glacier Trail there are 15 panels that provide information on a variety of topics, such as landscaping, glaciology, forest protection, biodiversity and spring water. On the circular path, rest stops, fire places, benches and Rigi lounge chairs invite you to linger and enjoy. Accompanied by the numerous alley trees along the hiking trail, the stay on the Seebodenalp becomes an experience for all ages.

Hiking level: easy

Length: 5.23 kilometres

Duration: 1.25 hours

Ascent & Descent: 160m

Visit the ice age in Schwyz, Switzerland

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Author: Amy Vogel

Originally from Australia, Amy is a Master graduate in Tourism. Amy is a former student intern at Schwyz Tourismus. Amy now works on a freelance basis and assists local tourism businesses with English website content, English lessons, research and proof reading. Amy is a Schwyz enthusiast and enjoys the diverse natural, historic and cultural elements the region has to offer.

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