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SwissInfo's new politbox app is a compelling quiz game about Switzerland. From humour to humanitarian Switzerland, the fun quiz rounds will amuse, surprise and amaze you. In English and completely free.

On October 18, Swiss voters will elect a new parliament. However, just 32 percent of 18- to 34-year-olds in Switzerland voted in the last parliamentary elections. With another election coming up in 2015, the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation sought to reach, inform and engage young people where they are — on their smartphones and at popular hangout spots in their communities.

So the politbox project was born. It's a cross-platform project consisting of an app, a series of live-streamed events throughout Switzerland, and a way to understand voter trends and opinions. The app — offered in five languages — quizzes users on a series of topics affecting Switzerland's youth, from immigration to health and even protest movements. The more they know, the higher their score, and soon users will be able to play against each other in a "battle mode." Plus, the app contains opinion questions about current topics, created by the politbox editorial team. The answers are used to create journalistic reports on the websites of the Broadcasting Corporation's five member stations, reflecting the five languages in the app.

The tour of Switzerland has the editorial team travelling to youth events across the country, where they engage with passers-by about the topic of the day — always linked to a category in the app — and put on a live stream with special guests designed to debate the topic at hand. Recently, the team travelled to an alternative music festival to debate what issues are worth protesting for in Switzerland, and to a bilingual city to discuss what challenges are posed by living in a country with four official languages. Upcoming events will look at immigration issues in the canton closest to Italy, ties to the EU near the German border, and education and innovation at a top Swiss university, among more than 20 total tour stops.

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