The foodie guide to Zurich It's time to get to know the many variations of delicious food offerings in Zurich

This guide is an excellent overview of the booming restaurant scene in Zurich, from dumplings to Texas BBQ via Vegan. Both visitors and permanent residents of Zurich will find new and exciting food, and if you are not yet a foodie you are about to become one!

Over the past several years, Zurich has truly expanded its restaurant offerings, from previously being primarily regionally focused (Swiss/German, French, Italian) into a diverse and multicultural scene that boasts the cuisines of several different nationalities and lots of healthy fresh offerings.

Whether you are visiting Zurich for a day or for a week, there is plenty to choose from!


Restaurants are grouped by Kreis, or neighborhood, to more easily help you plan your food adventure.

Kreis 4

Lucky Dumpling - Chinese cuisine with artistry and delight

Lucky Dumpling (Langstrasse 10) makes their Shanghai Xiao Long Bao dumplings right in front of the customer, giving you the chance to see both the artistry and the delicious ingredients that go into your dinner.


Lucky Dumpling

Cartel Burrito Shack - Mexican burritos, tacos and tortas

Cartel Burrito Shack (Militärstrasse 14) serves up Mexican burritos, tacos, and tortas in colorful and crazy environment. Whether you like your carnitas burrito "Gringo Bandito" mild or "The Crazy One" spicy, your taste buds will thank you for stopping by.

Yume Ramen - The Japanese gastropub

Yume Ramen (Reitergasse 6), is the little brother of Sala of Tokyo and an "Izakaya" or the Japanese version of a gastropub. Both the broth and the noodles are made fresh at Yume using local Swiss ingredients (and Japanese know-how), and they have a wide selection of drinks and Japanese whiskies to choose from. 


Yume Ramen

Kafi Für Dich - Known for their breakfast and brunch offerings

Kafi Für Dich (Stauffacherstrasse 141) is open from very early until very late every day of the week, but is particularly known for their breakfast and brunch offerings on the weekend. For just 29chf, you can eat brunch "à discretion", however reservations are strongly recommended.

They are known for their child-friendly atmosphere and their nightly music scene. (Good to know: Kafi für Dich also offers 18 adorable hotel rooms for very reasonable prices!)

The Bite - Best burger in Zurich

The Bite (Brauerstrasse 15) is a Swiss-Canadian burger joint, which has been consistently named the best burger in Zurich. They aren't inexpensive, however they are good sized and offer great options. Even vegetarians and vegans are covered here, so everyone is happy. Reservations are definitely recommended on the weekend. 


The Bite

Kreis 5

Co Chin Chin - Trendy Vietnamese

Co Chin Chin (Gasometerstrasse 7) is the new kid on the block, but definitely the most popular. Foodies all over the city have been clamoring to try the Vietnamese food, especially the Pho, which is fully on trend at the moment. And it lives up the well-deserved hype, with rave reviews all around.


Co Chin Chin

Les Halles - Delicious Moules Frites

Les Halles (Pfingstweidstrasse 6) is a quirky, eclectic and cool place, fun and easy without any hint of pretension. The big draw here is the delicious "Moules Frites" or mussels in white wine sauce and fries.

They also serve other antipasti, cheese plates, soups, and a large selection of desserts from the display case. Bikes for sale in the hallway and an Italian market in the back – Les Halles is a crazy but delicious stop on your food tour.


Les Halles

Maison Blunt - Moroccan restaurant and tearoom in a beautiful and cosy setting

Maison Blunt (Gasometerstrasse 5) this is a Moroccan restaurant and tearoom modeled after one in Fez. They serve platters of Moroccan style mezze – hummus, baba ghanoush, tabbouleh and the like, and are particularly known for their brunch offerings (shakshouka, lox, falafel and more) - and all of this in a beautiful and cosy setting.


Maison Blunt

Brisket - Texas-style BBQ

Brisket (Pfingstweidstrasse 6) is a Southern BBQ restaurant, primarily modeled after Texas-style BBQ but also featuring pulled pork and pork belly, and a North Carolina style sauce. The owners did their due diligence and even ordered their smoker from Texas.

It's the closest this Texan is going to get to pit BBQ and despite the Swiss price tag, it's worth every bite.



Kreis 1

Roots - "Vegan goes urban"

Roots (Linthescherstrasse 15) "Vegan goes Urban" – if you crossed healthy vegan food and smoothies with a hipster Brooklyn coffee shop, you'd get Roots. Treat yourself to an Açai smoothie bowl or quinoa salad and feel super virtuous (especially if you've been indulging in my other suggestions!).



Kreis 3

Neela - Traditional Sri Lankan/Tamil in a modern space 

Restaurant Neela (Zweierstrasse 55) serves up Sri Lankan/Tamil dishes in a modern attractive space. From curries with and without meat, homemade poppadums, kothu roti, chicken tikka masala, fried rice, and more, all passed down through traditional family recipes.



Kreis 8

Stripped - Innovative Pizza

Stripped (Seefeldstrasse 88) takes the pizza concept to a new and exciting place. Using only healthy and fresh ingredients - a seemingly endless array of toppings can be chosen to top one of three different pizza bases, or you can choose from 10 different signature pizzas, including such ones as; #FoodPorn, Calexico, and Damn Ham. 



I hope you enjoy these #Foodie picks and that you have fun eating your way around Zürich! En Guete!

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Author: Stacy Streuli

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