The Rolling Bartender the Andermatt Après-Ski Train

Issue: 4/2017
Each day, Victor Costa covers 6,000 vertical metres with the après-ski train. Every day, he travels from his new home in Andermatt, Uri over the Oberalp Pass to Disentis, Graubünden and back, twice each way.

What can I bring you? how he welcomes his guests. Alongside a wide range of drinks, he offers them traditional cheese and dried meat platters.

Guests particularly enjoy these amenities in the train during heavy snowfall and in the icy temperatures.


"Skiers get so engrossed in warming their hands that they often forget to drink their coffee", jokes the Portuguese driver.

From the Atlantic to the Alps

"The ocean is beautiful, but just look at these mountains!"

For a long time, Victor was not interested in snow. Having grown up on the Atlantic coast in northern Portugal, Victor became gripped by a spirit of discovery. Like Ferdinand Magellan and Vasco da Gama before him, he was drawn to foreign lands, albeit in a different direction.

In 1994, he set sail and arrived in Andermatt as there were jobs available here. It was a journey into the unknown, but one which led Victor directly to happiness.

Andermatt, Après-Ski Train

"Snow and the cold are not for everyone, but I like it."

For the past 23 years, Victor has called Andermatt his home and he has no plans to leave any time soon. From the pastor to the baker, everyone knows Victor.

"When the regular customers come over and ask me how I am, it gives me goose bumps because I am so happy they have returned and remember me"

Andermatt - everyone out please

At exactly 4.19 p.m., the après-ski train reaches Andermatt for the second and final time. The around 35 remaining guests leave the après-ski train happy and satisfied, expressing their thanks to the bartender. "...until next time", says Victor.

For him, the day is not yet over. He collects the empty glasses, puts on his reflective waistcoat and crosses the train tracks. In the railway station building, a dishwasher is waiting to be loaded.

Victor has now served more than 200 drinks and must now ensure that also tomorrow's guests want for nothing.

"Let's see what the next trip brings…"

...says Victor, looking forward to the next journey, and wanders through the alleys of his new home at a wellearned end to his working day.


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Author: Samantha Nichole Suarez-Maier

Editor of Hello Switzerland from 2016 to 2017. Samantha is a native Texan, a communicator by trade, and has a strong love of all things Swiss!

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