Top 10 tips for a successful first date How to make a date a success

Following this easy advice and you can be sure you'll get that all-important first date right.

1.    Set the scene

A date is a special occasion. Choose a restaurant that you think YOUR DATE will like. Make sure it is reasonably convenient for them to get to, is cozy, and is not too noisy.

2.    Start the date of right

It's normal to feel nervous on a first date, but don't let your face appear anxious. RELAX. Greet each other with enthusiasm, give a nice smile, touch them lightly on the arm, exchange a kiss on the cheek, and tell them how happy you are to see them.

3.    Put in the effort

Don't just be yourself, be your best self. Make sure to look your best and to be a good date. Even if you feel the person is not right for you, your date still deserves your best, just as you deserve from them.

4.    Interested is interesting

People like people who are interested in who they are. Don't submit your date to an interview or speak too much about your professional life. Instead, ask about their interests and passions, favorite vacations, what they like to do on weekends, or movies they enjoy – get to know them!

5.    Share and listen

Make sure to keep your talking and listening relatively balanced. Build a conversation or dialogue by listening to the other and responding to what you hear. If your date asks a lot of questions, reciprocate with some of your own about them.

6.    Keep it positive

A date is not the moment to complain about your stressful job, your difficult divorce, the weather, or the prices in Switzerland. Do not fall into the trap of sharing negative stories. Be in the present and enjoy the person you are with.

7.    Body language

Even when you're not speaking, your body is always communicating. Make sure your body language is open and engaged, and shows that you are interested in the other person.

8.    Maintain eye contact

Looking into someone's eyes shows how much you like them. When you are attracted to someone your pupils dilate. This will be subconsciously reciprocated by your date because we are attracted to people who are attracted to us.

9.    Chivalry is not dead

Yes, times have changed, but everyone would like to date a thoughtful and considerate person. Make sure your date is comfortable, pick up the tab at the restaurant, and accompany them back to their car or to the station.

10.    Have fun

A date should be a treat. Relax and enjoy getting to know another human being. Even if you decide your date is not right for you, look at the positive lessons learned and enjoy a fun evening out with a new person.


Photo credit: Bel Etage, Bern (read more about dating in Bern)

Author: Trea Tijmens - Success Match

SuccessMatch was founded in 2005 by Trea Tijmens, an international matchmaker and dating expert. Together with her small team, Trea is committed to providing a tailored and personalised dating and matchmaking service to professionals in Switzerland. They have offices in Geneva and Zurich and offer various levels of service.

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