Top tips for flying with kids The plane can be part of the fun!

Issue: 4/2017
Dread flying with kids? A few expert tips can help you get to your destination with your wits still intact.

The holiday season is upon us, and for many families this means travel. With only a few weeks to schedule maximum fun, you'll want to be thinking more about the memories you'll be making and spend less time worrying about flying with your kids.

Allow me to help lighten your load by sharing some of my tips I've collected over the last 12 years of flying with babies, toddlers, and pre-teens!


1 Avoid flying at nap time on short haul flights. You want your baby or toddler fresh and happy and many won't sleep on a plane.

2 Book a bassinet well in advance. Airline restrictions vary for bassinet use. Call your airline to ensure your baby can use one.

3 Book kids' meals in advance. Not all airlines automatically provide a child's meal. Check this at the time of booking.

4 Consider new travel products like CoziGo, a cover for airline bassinets and prams and Plane Pal, an inflatable footrest used to create a sleeping space for kids in economy. Check with your airline to ensure you can use them.

5 Limit screen time. The bright light of iPads and inflight entertainment screens are known to interfere with sleep patterns. Try switching them off well before bedtime and encourage alternate activities.

Pack age-specific "busy" toys and snacks. Stickers can be a life saver and snacks that toddlers must eat one by one, like sultanas and blueberries, can help you wind down the clock.



Author: Kristin Reinhard

Kristin Reinhard has called Switzerland home for 16 years, and is the author of the blog Simple Family Travel which documents her path towards less stuff and more life with her family. Check out the blog at:

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