Turn a few laps! Go for a run on a track

Get expert tips on training on a running track. Running tracks make for excellent training arenas and they are not just for top athletes.

One morning on a wonderful autumn day, I was faced with a choice whether I should do my running training on the treadmill, or if I should head outdoors. I opted for a training session on the 400 metre athletics track "Sihlhözli" in Zurich, which is not far from my office.

It was a great evening for a short and crisp training. I warmed up with a 1 kilometre run in a medium running speed. When I arrived, there were a few runners, children and a group of training athletes were there too. This particular atmosphere of athletes of all ages and training on all levels is very motivating. Sometimes, I can observe the athletes training with javelins while I take a lap. Also, I can clear my head. I can concentrate fully on my run and do not have to pay attention to traffic or other pedestrians.

Head outdoors and enjoy this sporty atmosphere. According to the Swiss Federal Office of Sports, there are 171 tracks available for training in Switzerland. Perhaps there is one near you? Even if you are not a runner, you do not have to worry! Athletes train at every level, and not just top athletes, on the athletic track.

It is worth mentioning that a 400 metre course is also ideally suited for the so-called HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), which Dr. Muscle and I have already introduced.

If you want to do a HIIT, it could look something like this on a 400 meter track:

Do an approximately 5-10 minutes warm-up, preferably at medium speed. You could also use the warm-up by jogging on the track.

1. Charge full force and speed for 800 meters (2 rounds) at a very fast running speed (or near your maximum power)

2 minutes break

2. Charge 800 meters at very fast running speed

2 minutes break

3. Charge 800 meters at very fast running speed

2 minutes break

4. And power through the last two laps: 800 meters at very fast running speed. Give it your all!

Training on the track is exhausting, but also efficient and rewarding in some respects. Try it out!


Image credits: Alexander Palacios

Author: Jonas Caflisch

Jonas Caflisch, Owner of INDIGO Fitness Clubs

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