Unforgettable football get-togethers Get together at home for an unforgettable evening of football

Get behind the Swiss national team with your friends: We give you some tips for unforgettable football get-togethers – indoors, on your terrace or in the garden. From the basics for an enjoyable evening of football to some surprising ideas.

Switzerland's matches this summer are the perfect opportunity to have a few friends round for a pleasant evening together.


We show you how to turn your football evening indoors, on your terrace or in the garden into an unforgettable event. 



No matter whether this is the first time you've invited friends to a football get-together or whether you've been doing so for years – our tips will help you to surprise them for sure. Everything from the right décor and culinary treats to football bingo.

How to make your football get-together unforgettable

Surprise your guests with unusual ideas for watching the match: How about watching in the open air? But not on uncomfortable beer tent furniture. Take your sofa and TV or projector screen out onto the terrace or into the garden! Alternatively, you could use comfy outdoor bean bags.

You can really get everyone in the mood with predictions about the result. Just make it even more exciting. Which team will have more corners? How many yellow cards will there be? Will anyone be shown a red card? Will there be a penalty?

Display the predictions clearly – for example on a home-made prediction board (see below) and offer attractive prizes for the winners. Chances are that those less enthusiastic football fans will get just as involved in the game.

At a football evening, the rule for food is: Hands only

Create some delicious finger food  that is easy to eat but still makes a good impression. The best idea would be typical dishes from Switzerland's opponents in the group: France, Albania, and Romania.

Conjure up some typical championship dishes 

  • A specialty from Alsace that's easy to make and easy to eat in your fingers is the classic tarte flambée with bacon and onion, or a vegetarian version with rocket.
  • Pite is a typical Albanian dish and perfect finger food, a pie filled with spinach and ricotta.
  • An ideal dessert is kozunak, a traditional Romanian nut strudel.
  • And, of course, don't forget about Switzerland: As a starter, you can create the Swiss flag out of cherry tomatoes and mozzarella balls.

And why not invite your guests to cook together ahead of the game to make the football evening even more varied?

Football décor is part of the event

There are lots of other little things than can help to make your football party even better: Put some eye-catching decorations on your walls like football string lights, and football cushions on your sofa.

Then there's the practical beer crate cooler for keeping the drinks cold and, in keeping with the event, the football bottle opener. When Switzerland scores, horns and clappers will build the mood up even more.

You can also make some football decorations yourself. There are lots of amusing ideas for using, say, artificial grass from the home improvement store: for example, wrapping the green turf around glasses or candle holders. Or make yourself a prediction board: Get hold of the biggest picture frame you can and stick artificial grass onto it. Then you just need to add the halfway line and the penalty area with white chalk. You can now pin up your forecasts.

For even more football atmosphere, there's also homemade bunting with a football theme. Follow the instructions, hang it up, and wait for kick-off.

Exciting: Who's going to win the football bingo?

Commentators tend to say the same things time and again: "The defense was asleep there," "The game needs a goal," "He can't miss," or "Surely that's a yellow?" Why not turn this into a game of football bingo? Write such stock phrases on 5x5 bingo cards – each guest is given a different sequence. The winner is the first one to check a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row.

After the match, it's time to play!

An exciting match makes you feel like playing too. Form teams and hold a mini-tournament. Thanks to colorful training bibs, all the players will recognize their teammates on the pitch. If you don't have a field nearby, you can play on a smaller scale – table football. The perfect end to a football party.

And the four key points to ensure that everything goes smoothly

  • Invite your guests to arrive in good time, not right at the start of the game. This will allow everyone to get a drink before kick-off and find a comfortable seat.
  • An unimpeded view of the action for all your guests is a must. Because every shot can be decisive and no one wants to miss anything.
  • As the host, you will provide the drinks of course. A rule of thumb is three drinks per guest for a 90-minute football match.
  • There'll be some cheering when a goal is scored – and that's the way it should be. But you should warn your neighbors beforehand. Or invite them to come too!  
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