Urban oasis Summer living in the city

Summer living in the city sometimes means a small balcony, a rooftop terrace or even a beautiful courtyard.

Pfister offers fine residential solutions for outdoor furniture: small colored folding tables, chairs perfect for breakfast with a view, or dining like on holiday.

Of course, there are also some matching home accessories like colorful pillows and cheerfully colored dishes. Beautiful pots for herbs and flowers inspire imaginative urban gardeners.

Industrial style for minimal space

Rolling furniture, in industrial style, are the best gardening aids for outdoor oases, with minimal space. They offer plenty of space for herbs, flowers, home grown salad, pots and general garden tools and can be easily changed for space when needed for a balcony party.


Balcony with herbs and plants

Extending your living space to your garden

- Make sure that the garden furniture to fit your style of living
- Set up like in the apartment, carpet, lights and beautiful home accessories
- Set color accents with colorful summer pillow
- Potted plants help to create areas
- With lights and outdoor lighting at any summer evening is the little party

All photos © Pfister

[Editor's note: The original article appears on Pfister's blog.This version of the article is translated and adapted accordingly.]

Author: pfister

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