Welcome to the adrenalin mecca Your guide to adventure !

Issue: Issue 2/ 2016
Are you looking for a bit of adventure? Then it's time to head to Interlaken - the top destination for adventure sports.



Interlaken quickens the pulse rate of all adrenalin junkies and adventuresport addicts. The offers in the Interlaken region are limitless, with an activity to match all "thrill levels."



Level 1: Jet boat tour

Take a seat in Switzerland's first commercially run jet boat for a spectacular ride over Lake Brienz. Forty unforgettable kilometres sprinkled with impressive scenery and action-packed 360-degree spins on the lake are waiting. Not physically demanding but a thrilling adventure!

Level 2: Hang-gliding

Get a bird's eye view of Interlaken's lake and mountain world. Go with the wind and float gently over Interlaken with a hang-glider steered by a professional pilot who will take you down safely from Beatenberg to Interlaken. The short sprint at the start is rewarded with an unforgettably scenic flight.

Level 3: Skydiving

Skydiving in the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountain landscape — 40 seconds of free-fall at speeds of up to 200 km/h! Dive from a helicopter or plane with your guide and hurtle through the air at an incredible speed. After about 40 seconds of free fall, your parachute opens and you float gently down to Interlaken.

Whether in the air, on water or on the earth, every element has its own way of accelerating your pulse. Welcome to the adrenalin mecca.


Photos: © Interlaken Tourism

Author: Stefan Otz

Stefan Otz is Director of Interlaken Tourism. For over 13 years, Stefan has been in charge of the Interlaken region’s efforts to welcome guests from around the world and to make sure they have a fantastic visit to Interlaken.

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