Welcome to the wilderness! An e-mountain bike tour around the Swiss National Park

Issue: 2/2018
Are you looking for the perfect way to start an incredible summer? Then an e-mountain bike tour in pristine nature is just the thing! This four day round trip around the Swiss National Park is a must for experienced bikers and aspiring enthusiasts alike.

Explore the region around the Swiss National Park 

The sun is shining, a light breeze is blowing and countless butterflies flutter in the air. Welcome to Val S-charl, south of Scuol, on the edge of the Swiss National Park.

The e-bike motor hums quietly, in keeping with the soft gurgle of the stream. Now and again you are taken unawares by the defiant whistling of marmots.

Sometimes, a bear might amble through the undergrowth (don't count on it, though).

Discover a paradise for e-bikers

The region around the Swiss National Park (Graubünden) is paradise for e-mountain bikers. The terrain is neither too steep nor too flat, which makes it perfectly suited for a multi-day bike tour.

Single track fun at Val S-charl

If you're an experienced cyclist, this trail might already be among your top things to do this summer. If you are a newbie, get ready to have a wonderful adventure! Did you know there is such a remarkable thing as the electric mountain bike?

Hop on one, get your motor running and whirr over daunting hills or even mountain passes. When you feel like having a good work out, just turn off your motor and start pedaling. When you get tired, your zippy e-bike can take you further so you can admire the beautiful, wild scenery and maybe spot a marmot or two. 




You will start the tour at Scuol, then head to Livigno (Italy), via Val Müstair.

Admire the charming and traffic free S-charl, then head to God da Tamangur where herds of wild horses graze peacefully under the centennial pine trees (the highest stone pine tree forest in Europe).

Close to Müstair, enjoy the wildly romantic Val Vau.

Remember to kiss the Mumma Veglia rock formation for good luck before you cross into Italy.

After that, you will charge the Bernina Pass to the Upper Engadin all the way to Zuoz, then head back to Scuol

Each of the stages is between 50km and 60km long.

With your e-bike, you're going to have a blast!

The wild and romantic Val Vau


Kiss Mumma Veglia for good luck


The trip is also available as a bookable tour

We warmly recommend it. Accommodation in a Swiss Bike Hotel is included, so you have a cozy place to charge your e-bike's batteries (and your own) after a day's ride. For more ideas on this exciting trip, check out the Welcome to the wilderness story on MySwitzerland.com/summer.

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Happy trails and have an amazing summer adventure!

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Photo credits: © Switzerland Tourism/ André Meier


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