Zug's best restaurants - the inside view with Halimah King Adding zest to Zug

Issue: 1 / 2015
Discover the best places to eat, drink and go out in the international city of Zug. Halimah King, owner of Singalicious, tells us more about Zug's upcoming gastro scene.

These days Zug is coming out of Zurich's shadow. As one of Switzerland's most international places, the city has seen an influx of new residents bringing a range of multi-cultural influences.

Halimah King is one of them and is the owner of Singalicious, a meal service specialising in Singaporean food.

We met Halimah to find out about her business and to get to know Zug's bar and restaurant scene. Ever wondered where to go out in Zug? Halimah has the answer.


"I was born in Singapore, moved to the UK in my late teens and have been in Zug for almost 3 years now. I work as a preschool teacher by day and cooking is my (very therapeutic) hobby. My mum, my sisters and sisters-in-law were brilliant chefs. I was thrilled when my siblings told me, their little sister, that my food was delicious, and when I started Singalicious, they shared many of their secret recipes. If my mother were still alive I'm sure she'd have done the same.

I've lived in London, Singapore, New York and Frankfurt and got so tired of these busy big cities - it's all too stressful - people are always running for something. Zug is the opposite, it's small, quiet, peaceful and it's really beautiful. Stress free. I also feel very safe here.

Spring is my favourite time of the year. I love to walk during the season and sometimes take the train up to Zugerberg to hike. When the flowers are blooming, I like to stroll or jog along the lake in the afternoon and just sit to watch the beautiful sunset.


My absolutely favourite restaurant in Zug is called Aklin, in the Old Town, next to the Zytturm clock. It's an upmarket Swiss/French restaurant, where the food is so delicious and the staff are nice and friendly. The head chef Olivier is from the Alsace and he learnt some of his dishes from his grandmother, so plenty of secret recipes here.

My second favourite is called San Marco Pizzeria. It's by the lake and is a bit less upmarket, yet great for people with small or teenage children.

My favourite bar is Felsenkeller, a chic wine bar that offers some fantastic wine. The classy and friendly atmosphere makes it an easy place to meet friends and new people. In spring when the weather is nice you can sit outside.

Another place that I quite like is called Grand Cafe, during the day they offer tea, coffee and sandwiches... and in the evening the place is transformed to a great cocktail bar.

If I have guests from outside of Zug, and I want to show them the city by night, I take them to the Sky Lounge. It's located in what used to be the tallest building in Zug, the Uptown tower. The cocktails here are nice but pricey. Having said that, the view is just stunning, especially in the evening.

Perhaps it's no surprise that Zug has been credited with 'the most beautiful sunset' in the world!"



Halimah will be hosting cookery classes in Singaporean cuisine from spring 2015 onwards.

Author: Jennifer Davies

Jennifer Davies was the Editor in Chief of Hello Switzerland in 2014. Her career started as a news reporter and newsreader at the BBC and she is the only English language journalist ever to have been awarded the top broadcast journalism prize from SRF (Swiss Broadcasting Corporation). Jennifer has lived and and worked for nearly a decade in Zurich, during which she has edited 7 magazines and broadcasted for BBC, SRF and Monocle among others, including international corporate clients.

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