Has your employer stopped paying for your tax support? Making a smooth transition

Getting your taxes done - made easy
  • Are you required to handle your annual taxes by yourself?
  • Are you searching for alternatives to your current tax accountant?
  • Do you need a tax accountant that understands your Swiss and/or your international situation?
  • Perhaps your employer supported you with your taxes during your first couple of years in Switzerland, and this support has now come to an end?

Gordana Muggler of BDO is here to help you

Let the experts handle it for you

Gordana Muggler is Head of Global Mobility and HR Services at BDO Switzerland. Gordana and her team of tax specialists are here to support you.

+41 58 356 17 77



The benefits

Relax in the knowledge that thanks to its global footprint, BDO will correctly apply Swiss tax law as well as the rules of international tax agreements between Switzerland and your relevant country.

This is important for resident foreigners, as the international perspective often lies beyond the remit of purely local accounting firms.

With BDO, you'll benefit from the best of both local and global tax support.

About BDO's service

BDO is a leading financial advisory company with a global presence of over 80,000 people in 162 countries, as well as a strong local network of 37 offices in Switzerland.

Thanks to its strong local presence and a global network, BDO offers you the best of both Swiss and international expertise on all aspects of tax and pension advice.

You will appreciate the local touch, the cost-effective support, and the friendly, professional approach.

Fees for tax advisory services are determined individually based on the complexity of your tax situation.

In consideration of your personal privacy, BDO advises its clients under strict confidentiality agreements and communicates using securely encrypted email.

If you require tax support, it's time to speak to the Global Mobility team at BDO.

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