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Partner of choice: Packimpex

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Carole Javet and her team of relocation consultants at Packimpex will provide suport on a wide range of settling in services once you arrive in Switzerland, including immigration.

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Secure expert immigration support

Packimpex is Hello Switzerland's partner of choice for all issues related to immigration and residency in Switzerland. Established in Switzerland in 1977, Packimpex is Switzerland's relocation market leader and the most awarded international moving company.


What to expect 

The Swiss immigration process is complex and involves multiple governmental authorities. The Immigration Services team at Packimpex will advise and support you expertly and efficiently in all aspects concerning work and residence permit. Packimpex specialists have broad and in-depth practical experience. They know the legal regulations and have been working with the relevant authorities for many years.

With Packimpex you can be sure to receive expert advice adapted to your individual situation.


Additional services provided

Besides handling the entire work and residence permit application process on your behalf, Packimpex can provide support with topics such as:

  • Application for family reunion
  • Residence permit for people who are not working
  • Naturalization
  • Labour market inspection
  • Perpetuation of a Swiss residence permit in case of a longer stay abroad
  • Advice on Swiss minimum salary recommendations
  • Advice on the extension of a Swiss residence permit in case of unemployment


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