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TCS (Touring Club of Switzerland) is Switzerland's number 1 mobility club. With over 1.5 million members, you can trust Switzerland #1 breakdown cover and roadside assistance provider.
As a TCS member, you benefit from first-class assistance as well as many additional benefits.

TCS Roadside Assistance 30% off

TCS membership includes 24-hour vehicle breakdown cover throughout Switzerland and numerous other advantages.


The best roadside assistance and breakdown cover in Switzerland

However you are traveling, TCS is always by your side, making sure you and your family are safe on the road and can safely reach your destination.

  • Your TCS membership covers you on all vehicles you drive: car, motorcycle, scooter, bicycle or e-bike. This includes rented cars and borrowed bicycles or e-bikes.
  • TCS provides 24/7 breakdown cover and roadside recovery, powered by 620 roadside assistance patrols and garages all over Switzerland.
  • TCS is proud to provide guaranteed mobility to drivers, ensuring an immediate onward journey in 8 out of 10 car breakdowns.
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The 8 key advantages of TCS breakdown cover Peace of mind on the road

Touring Club of Switzerland members can count on 24/7 breakdown support, all year round. Discover the key benefits of the leading roadside recovery service.



An impressive 1.5 million members trust Switzerland's number 1 mobility club.

Your membership protects you in any vehicle you drive, both car and motorbike and comes with many advantages.



24hr breakdown assistance

TCS patrols are there for you 24/7, all year round.

The waiting time is an average of 35 minutes.

TCS Roadside Assistance 30% off

TCS membership includes 24-hour vehicle breakdown cover throughout Switzerland and numerous other advantages.

Mobility guaranteed

In 8 out of 10 cases your vehicle will be repaired on the spot.

If it cannot be repaired straight away, we will arrange for your comfortable onward journey.

Family protection

Optionally, each family member of your household can be protected when driving a vehicle registered to the policyholder.

Experienced patrol teams

220 patrol members handle around 280,000 assignments every year.

They know what they're doing!

Technical expertise

No matter which type of car you drive, or whether it runs on petrol, diesel, gas or electricity - our experts know what to do.

Help with the little things

Is your key locked in the car? Did you run out of petrol or fill up with the wrong type of fuel?

The TCS patrol will come to your rescue, even if you are at fault.


Your vehicle will be checked by experts at one of 19 TCS technical centers at a favorable membership price, such as before its MOT is due, before you leave for a summer holiday, or at the onset of winter.

Special member offers

Members enjoy a discount of up to 25% on cable cars and mountain railways, a 2.5 cent saving per liter of fuel at BP, and a 2% fuel discount at Tamoil. Save up to CHF 100 at Adam Touring and Premio when purchasing four tyres. A wide range of other member offers can be found on the website and in the monthly member's magazine. 

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Frequently Asked Questions TCS

  • Once you have signed up, you can expect to receive the relevant documents within two weeks by regular post.
  • Once you have paid the membership for the first year.
  • Yes, the regular membership covers for Switzerland only. However, you can contact us to upgrade to the international coverage as well.

  • You can choose between the ETI EU coverage or the ETI World coverage.

  • The ETI coverage Europe costs CHF 89 for individuals and CHF 119 for couples or families. The ETI coverage World costs CHF 159 for individuals and CHF 209 for couples or families.
  • The membership is valid for one year. The discount applies to the first year.
  • You will be contacted by TCS to extend your membership at the regular rates.
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