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This is your complete guide to Switzerland

Designed by relocation experts for international professionals moving to or from Switzerland, our platform offers everything you need to plan your move and make the most of your stay here.

Single source of truth

Everything you need is organized and planned in one place. No need to spend hours browsing hundreds of websites. On Hello Switzerland you will find answers to all your questions and solutions to all of your challenges.

A path made for you

Our super-clear task view makes sure you manage all steps in a timely order, with no gaps in your journey and full compliance assured. Now breathe… and relax.

360° view

You’ll have a 360° perspective of your current situation, so you always see the full picture and can identify any gaps in your planning.

On-demand support

You can complete tasks on your own, or book on-demand support by verified experts for any topic. We're here for you!

Frequently asked questions

What is Hello Switzerland?

Hello Switzerland is the digital-first solution for all international professionals looking for a smooth expatriation to or from Switzerland.

To make things simple (which is always our goal), we’d say that Hello Switzerland is the all-in-one service where you find everything you need to know and do for a smooth expatriation to or from Switzerland.

By using Hello Switzerland, you can focus on the excitement of starting fresh, rather than on the admin hassle.

Thanks to Hello Switzerland:

  • You’ll always be in control and know exactly what comes next

  • You’ll always know who to reach out to in case you have any questions

  • You’ll have answers to all your questions, and solutions to all your challenges.

Hello Switzerland is ideal for international people regardless if they are about to move here, already residing here or about to leave Switzerland.

Why would I need Hello Switzerland?

Nobody wants to start over alone, especially in a foreign country. The relocation and expatriation process can be complex, with many admin tasks, key information not always readily available, and a high lack of transparency around which solutions are genuinely suitable and trustworthy.

This is where Hello Switzerland comes in. We are your personal digital assistant, personal coach and friend, all in one.

We keep track of your progress, inform you what your next task is, keep you motivated, and provide you with essential lifestyle tips. By creating a smooth path that you can follow easily, we deal with all of the practicalities and many of the frustrations that come with the expatriation process.

How does Hello Switzerland work?

Your personalized Journey is your guided pathway. It takes you step by step through your relocation and expatriation experience.

You will know exactly what to do and when – from deciding whether to actually move to visa application, from the handover of your apartment and set up of your mobile SIM card, all the way to Fondue etiquette guide, learning the local slang and riding the coolest cable cars.

We offer guides, videos and practical services for all common challenges, whether your concern is finding a home, getting internet connection and a bank account, helping your accompanying partner to get settled, or just finding a great place to visit at the weekend.

Ready to get started? Create a profile, personalize your pathway, then simply follow the tasks in your Journey.

Who is Hello Switzerland for?

Hello Switzerland supports all professionals relocating to Switzerland, regardless of nationality or country of origin and regardless of whether they are single, or relocating with their partner, or family.

We primarily provide support to individuals or families who have secured a job in Switzerland and already know their first day of work in Switzerland.

Please note: We do not provide jobs or search for jobs for individuals wishing to immigrate to Switzerland without a job offer.

How much does Hello Switzerland cost?

Hello Switzerland is a free guidance and facilitation service. Our digital guidance tool and many of our advisory services are free of charge.
Also free of charge is the access to a wide range of deals and discounts at our partners. Sign up to our newsletter to stay in the loop.

Hello Switzerland’s added value is providing you with a clear overview, putting your tasks in order, and helping you to focus.

Optional partner services

The partner services contained within Hello Switzerland may come with a price tag. This typically applies to offers where Hello Switzerland’s guidance or coordination services are free of charge and you select a service offered by one of our partners.

In such cases, you will contract our partner directly and pay them. For example, if you ask Hello Switzerland to set up your internet for you, our set-up service is free of charge but as you would be entering into a contract with for example the telco Swisscom, then Swisscom would invoice you directly for your internet service.

Do I need a subscription?

No, Hello Switzerland is free to use. However, to get the benefits of the personalized guidance service, you will need to create a user account.

I’ve already done some of the steps. Can I still use your platform?

Yes, you can start anywhere in the journey. Simply check off the steps you have done and congrats for completing them!

Why should I trust your process and information?

Hello Switzerland was developed by relocation experts who are themselves expatriates and have been advising expatriates for decades.

They are experts on any topic related to relocating to or from Switzerland. We are not talking about regular people who moved a few years ago and want to share their own highly subjective experience in a Facebook group. We are talking about relocation professionals who have dealt with many relocations and have been faced with countless very particular issues. If you're tired of asking your colleagues or strangers on Facebook groups, then you're ready for Hello Switzerland.

Should I only use English when communicating to you or your partners?

Our website is currently only available in English. However, you can count on our team and our verified partners to provide their services in English, French, German, and Italian, and in some cases, other languages. Spend less time 'lost in translation' and more time getting things done.

Why should I trust your partners?

We carefully select our verified service partners to fit these essential criteria:

  • Proven: They have a track record of successfully supporting our community members

  • Suitable: The services offered are ideally suited to our community’s needs and challenges

  • Aware: Our partners have experience and knowledge of the specific issues facing international people

  • Compliant: Our verified partners are compliant with all relevant standards and laws

  • Quality: Impeccable client service in English and other languages

Is Hello Switzerland an official tool of the state?

No, Hello Switzerland is a network of reputable Swiss service providers who all have a long history of assisting international newcomers.

Hello Switzerland refers to official information in its guides and Hello Switzerland relocation experts make sure that our recommendations are always in line with official guidelines and laws.

Is my data treated in a trustworthy manner?

We treat any data you provide us securely and confidentially. Hello Switzerland Ltd. acts in full compliance with Swiss data protection laws as well as the EU privacy rules known as GDPR.

If you ask us to do so, we will use your contact data to send you reminders and notifications about upcoming tasks so that you know exactly what your next steps are. Also, if you ask us to do so, we will provide your contact information to a service partner so that they can reach out to you to provide you the service you have asked for.

If you create a user account there is an overview available of the data held, and you can request at any time for this data to be deleted.

Full details of our extensive privacy commitments are available in our Privacy Policy.

I’m a service provider - how do I become a verified partner?

Contact us today to find out about how Hello Switzerland can help you to increase visibility or create engagement for your business. We are a trusted and highly respected platform serving Switzerland's largest international community. We’ve been connecting our community and service providers for nearly two decades. We are always interested in speaking to potential service partners to explore how you can add value to our community’s challenges and needs.

Beyond this website, Hello Switzerland Ltd. also produces various other media, for example a printed magazine, a relocation handbook and social media channels. For more information on the full range of our partnership and advertising options, please take a look at Media & Advertising and schedule a call with us.

About us

We are Hello Switzerland

Like you, most of us here at Hello Switzerland have an international background. We believe that working abroad should be easy, and so our mission is to help you move to Switzerland with ease and settle in with lightning speed.

Hello Switzerland started in 1995 as a lifestyle and relocation magazine for expats in Switzerland. Due to popular demand, we have created an advisory service for everyone relocating to, living in or leaving from Switzerland. Our “Swiss Relocation Helpline” service has provided outstanding support for thousands of expatriates. As a natural evolution, we have forged partnerships with trusted providers to help our community solve virtually any problem. Our partners have an excellent record in Switzerland and offer impeccable service in English. They deal with international people on a regular basis, so they understand your specific challenges.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge on all things Switzerland, we have answers to all your questions. Thanks to our trusted network of partners, we have solutions for all your relocation needs.

We are headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland with teams in Bern and Basel and satellite offices in a number of other locations all over Switzerland.

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