International Moves from Switzerland to anywhere in the world

Guide byPackimpex

There is nothing more refreshing than a move to make you put things in perspective. Take advantage of this opportunity! 

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  • This will take between 1 – 4 weeks on average (if moving within Europe)

  • You will need to be extra organized and coordinate the move AND the home finding process

  • Make sure you have storage options in case you are not able to find a home in due time

Follow these expert tips:

What to take with you

  • Go through your things and decide what you want to take with you. Take only those things that you deem are absolutely necessary and will give you a sense of ‘home’.

  • If you’re moving on a tight budget, start to drastically reduce the amount of stuff to take with you. Most countries have numerous second-hand stores, so you will easily find affordable furniture.

Select moving providers

  • Ask for at least 3 moving quotes and carefully analyse them. Negotiate! See if any of them has the option of placing some items in storage and at what cost.

  • Expert tip: To identify quality international movers, make sure they are a member of the International Movers Association FIDI, which provides the only worldwide recognised quality standard in the industry. All FIDI moving companies are independently audited by Ernst & Young.


If you decide to handle an international move yourself, you should be aware that there are sometimes restrictions to the items you can import.

Additional need-to-knows

How to select your moving provider

  • Make sure all quotes contain this info:
    Shipping mode
    Expected transit time
    Required documents for customs clearance
    Insurance coverage and premium
    Payment terms

  • Check weight/volume estimates. If there are significant differences, ask why.

  • Do not only compare the price, look at inclusions and exclusions. If they are not identical, how do they impact the quoted price?

  • Check the insurance coverage and insurance premium. A small difference of 0.5% might make a significant difference when calculated on the insurance value.

  • Evaluate the professionalism of the surveyors, the information received, the timeframe between survey and quote and the overall impressions you have of the companies.

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