Tax and social security briefing on arrival to Switzerland
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Tax and social security briefing on arrival to Switzerland

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Get a complete overview from tax experts.

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Tax and social security in Swizerland: find out the basics

This is what you get when booking the service from Exactio: 

Get the full picture

You will clearly understand your rights and obligations as a taxpayer in Switzerland.

Get advice tailored to your personal situation

The following topics will be covered and linked to your personal situation:  
o    tax residency in Switzerland
o    taxes imposed in Switzerland
o    tax payment deadline
o    payroll withholding system versus tax return filing system
o    reportable income and deductions
o    reportable wealth
o    social security system in Switzerland.

What happens after you book the service:

  • Once you book the service, Exactio tax experts will contact you to set up an appointment.

  • You will have a meeting of approx. 1h over skype or face to face. During the meeting the Exactio tax expert will explain in detail the Swiss income, wealth tax and social security system. 

  • At the end of the meeting you will receive the Swiss Tax & Social security info sheet. Should you require a written summary of the topics discussed during the meeting, a fee of CHF 300 will be charged in addition.


Find out more about Exactio

Exactio provides expert tax and social security support. When your taxes are at stake, you want to work with advisers who know what they are doing. If you are looking for an adviser with excellent technical skills, client-focused service and competitive pricing, Exactio is the right fit for you.

Exactio's advisers have many years of experience serving expats, locals and cross-border employees in Switzerland, and understand the complex situations that clients from all over the world may face while living and working in Switzerland.   

Exactio connects with partner firms all over the world and can offer you the best of both Swiss and international expertise on all aspects related to tax and social security, since the international perspective often lies beyond the remit of purely local advisory firms.

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