Immigration and Residency How to live and work in Switzerland

Everyone planning to enter and stay in Switzerland must obtain a work/residence permit, and formally register with the Swiss authorities.

The process is complex and involves multiple authorities. It will only be successful if the correct immigration process for each individual family member has been followed.

To ask questions or get expert support with any part of the process, simply contact us.


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Gordana Muggler is Head of Global Mobility and HR Services at BDO Switzerland.

Gordana and her team of immigration specialists are here to support you and your family members on any matters related to immigration.


Relocation Guides: Immigration & Registration in Switzerland

Step By Step: Immigration & Registration in Switzerland

Step by Step


Step-by-step guide to getting a visa and clearing immigration for Switzerland. Understand what's involved and what needs to be done.

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Step by Step


Step-by-step to registration at the local municipality in Switzerland.

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