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Step By Step by Hello Switzerland is a unique and free system that enables you to relocate and settle in Switzerland by yourself.

Move to Switzerland in 15 easy steps

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Your relocation in 15 easy steps


Welcome to "Step By Step"

Our guided relocation system walks you through the 15 steps of relocation to Switzerland.

Once all Steps are complete, you will be fully compliant with Swiss legal requirements, and set up with all the essentials for successful daily living.

A complete and flexible relocation support system

Step By Step is complemented by Hello Switzerland‘s free mobile app, the unique Relocation Organiser filing system, our free Swiss Relocation Helpline service, and a wide range of relocation services.

Discover practical and fun features like a powerful library of Relocation Guides all about your destination region, leisure tips, and advice from locals.

Welcome to the best relocation support system in Switzerland.



Step By Step

Step 1

Step-by-step guide to getting a visa and clearing immigration for Switzerland. Understand what's involved and what needs to be done.

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Step 2

Step-by-step guide to schooling and further education in Switzerland. Understand the system and find the right solution!

  • Assess education options
  • Enrolling in local and international schools
  • Adult education & courses in Switzerland
Step 3
Pet relocation

Step-by-step guide to relocating with your pet to Switzerland.

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Step 4

Complete guide to buying a car or importing a car to Switzerland. Vehicle registration, motor insurance, driving license exchange and breakdown assistance explained in detail.

  • Importing a car
  • Buying a car
  • Car insurance
  • Car registration
  • Exchange of driving license
  • Breakdown recovery and roadside assistance
Step 5
Moving & household goods

Step-by-step guide to an international household goods removal to or from Switzerland. Moving and relocating with furniture and personal belongings is complex - understand what's involved and prepare carefully.

  • Assess whether to relocate with household goods
  • Select a shipping provider
  • Plan the move
  • Receive your goods
Step 6

Step-by-step guide to insurance in Switzerland. From health insurance, compulsory personal insurance, car insurance, to home insurance.

  • Mandatory health insurance
  • Third party liability & household contents insurance
  • Other types of insurance
Step 7
Temporary living

Temporary housing solutions in Switzerland include short term rentals, fully furnished apartments and rental furniture.

  • Temporary housing
  • Rental furniture
Step 8

Step-by-step to registration at the local municipality in Switzerland.

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Step 9

How to choose the right bank in Switzerland, how to open a Swiss bank account, where to get a credit card, and online banking options.

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Step 10
Public Transport

Step-by-step guide to using public transport in Switzerland. Covers rail cards, passes, buying tickets, family discounts, and getting around.

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Step 11
Permanent housing

Guide to finding rental property in Switzerland. Covers home search, how to apply, how to avoid pitfalls, and understanding the lease contract.

  • Sourcing a rental property
  • Securing a rental property
  • Connect your utilities
  • Taking over a rental property
Step 12
TV, Telecom & Internet

The essential guide to getting connected. From a mobile phone subscription to TV with channels in English, French, German, Italian and many other languages, find it all here.

  • Get a home phone line
  • Connect your home to the internet
  • Get a Swiss mobile phone and/or mobile phone contract
  • Connect your home to the Swiss TV network
Step 13
Everyday life & Health

Everyday life brings many new things. From shopping to sports, trash to train tickets, health to fitness, you'll find it all here.

  • Shopping
  • Health and medical care
  • Emergencies
  • Good ideas
Step 14
Leaving Switzerland

Guide to leaving. From departure formalities, to moving home, cancelling contracts, ensure you tick all the boxes before saying goodbye.

  • Termination of your lease contract
  • Cancellation of utilities
  • Planning and attending your pre-exit and exit inspection
  • Closing and return of the rental deposit
Step 15
Deals and offers

Hello Switzerland offers great deals for newcomers and expatriates in Switzerland.

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