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«I was so convinced my first priority before moving to Switzerland would be to find a good school for my kids. One Guidance Call later I had perfectly understood where my priorities should be and what I need to do.»

from the UK, moved to Zurich

«You really make our life easier. I wouldn’t know who to ask about all these things like what to expect when moving to Switzerland and also while living here.»

from Greece, moved to Bern

«Many thanks for all your support and your fast response. It has been a pleasure collaborating with everyone at Hello Switzerland.»

from Italy, moved to Zug

«Thank you so much for such a pleasant conversation and your valuable input. I must admit, you possess a unique wealth of information that the usual expat has absolutely no clue about, and for which I am so grateful. I hope we stay in touch and maybe one day we'll enjoy a coffee together at the Lago Maggiore.»

from USA, moved to Lugano

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