Departure Formalities

  • Important things to do as you prepare to leave Switzerland
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Departure FormalitiesArrange a Guidance Call to discuss your next steps with an expert Relocation Coach
Departure FormalitiesCheck the cancellation terms of the various services and subscriptions that you hold
Departure FormalitiesCancel your various services and subscriptions services at the appropriate time based on your departure date
Departure FormalitiesTip: don't inform your bank that you're leaving until the same or almost same day you are leaving Switzerland. Many Swiss banks will close your account as soon they learn that you will be leaving the country
Departure FormalitiesLast day at work
Departure FormalitiesDeregister at the Swiss authorities
Departure FormalitiesReceive any refunds on utility bills
Departure FormalitiesClose your Swiss bank account
Departure FormalitiesFinalise any outstanding Swiss tax or pension liabilities
Departure FormalitiesGoodbye Switzerland!