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'Moving out' in Switzerland

Taps. Lights. Doors. Window blinds. Cooker burners. Extractor fan. Toilet. Are they all working? Are they all spotlessly clean? Are keys to any of the doors missing? Are the parquet floors scratched? Have the holes left in the walls by pictures been filled in? Leaving your Swiss apartments comes with many headaches. Will the landlord accept your level of cleaning or will they ask you to re-do it? Will you be held responsible for repairs? Find out what needs to be done once you leave your Swiss apartment or get the help of a relocation professional.  

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Leaving Your PropertyPrepare to move out of your property, and arrange for necessary repairs
Leaving Your PropertyBook a property exit cleaning service for your apartment
Leaving Your PropertyMove out day
Leaving Your PropertyAttend the property handback and return the keys

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