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Finding success in Switzerland's complex rental market

With vacancy rates under 1% in major cities (0.44% for Zug, 0.53% Geneva and 0.99% Zurich), finding a property to rent in Switzerland will be like preparing for a tough competition.

Asides from the difficult vacancy situation, the process is also intricate. Potential pitfalls start with the language barrier, but also include administrative hurdles, time pressure, expectations vs. reality and not to mention the price of rental property!

Luckily, Hello Switzerland is here to guide you through the process. You'll find flexible, budget-friendly services to support you when you need it.

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Service Packages

Superhero Package

Once you've chosen the most suitable apartments for you, that's where we come in with added superpowers.

Superpowers included

Teamplayer Package

Team up with a relocation expert who will accompany you at handover to make sure you don't get ripped off.

Team up

VIP Package

Sit back and relax, while a professional relocation consultant is busy finding you a home.

Let us do the work

How-to Guides and Individual Services

Home findingChoose your home-finding support package
Home findingBook temporary accommodation
Home findingStay in touch! Arrange a Guidance Call to discuss your next steps with an expert Relocation Coach
Home findingResearch the housing market, view rental properties and sign a lease
Home findingSet up your rental security deposit
Home findingGet keys to your new home and attend the property handover
Home findingMove into your new home

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