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Although public transportation is impeccable in Switzerland, cars are still quite popular, since the cost of fuel is relatively cheap. A longer trip by car might end up costing less than that of a train ticket.

Before you decide on this topic, you should also consider sustainability. Electrical cars are widely available in Switzerland and charging stations can be spotted throughout the country.  

You can either own a car, lease, subscribe to it (especially interesting for international newcomers), rent it (long or short term) or share it - there are so many options available. Find out how to tackle the car ownership issue, where to get help and how to manage with other issues like parking.

How-to Guides and Individual Services

CarsReview your options for a car in Switzerland
CarsPlan the import of your car, if required
CarsConsider an innovative car subscription - the ideal alternative to owning a car
CarsConsider buying a car
CarsConsider leasing a car
CarsArrange car insurance
CarsArrange breakdown coverage and membership of TCS, Switzerland's automobile association
CarsTake driving lessons, especially if required for driving license exchange
CarsExchange your driving license